Welcome to the Day Pass system for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

If you have not registered in the California Air Resources Board Drayage Truck Registry (ARB DTR) you will be prevented from completing a Day Pass application. Registration can be completed by following this link to the ARB DTR site: https://arber.arb.ca.gov/Welcome.arb. Please be sure you are registered with CARB to maintain your eligibility to utilize day passes.

If you require access to the marine terminals at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and you are not operating under a valid concession agreement, you are required to obtain a Day Pass. Trucks operating under a valid Concession for either Port are not eligible to obtain Day Passes. If you are seeking a Day Pass for the first time please select the button titled "Apply for a new day pass" and follow the instructions. One Day Pass is required for each truck and is valid for entry at terminals for both ports for up to a maximum of 24 Day Passes per truck, per year.

In order to gain access to the container terminals you will require a valid, activated RFID tag that is properly registered in advance. If you have been issued an RFID tag by eModal, Pier Pass or Port Check previously, you will be able to reuse that RFID for Day Passes you purchase. If you have not been issued an RFID tag before, you will be required to purchase and activate an RFID tag as part of this process. The system will guide you through the steps. Please be sure to read the instructions on your printed receipt to activate your new RFID tag. This step is necessary to ensure you are not refused access to the container terminals.

The cost of an RFID tag is $100 and the cost of the Day Pass is $30. Day Passes may be applied for individually or in an annual pack of 24. Day Passes for non-container terminals do not require an RFID tag for gate access. Non-container terminal Day Passes once printed may be placed on the dash of the truck for access to the port terminals.

You will require a major credit card to purchase an RFID tag. Please note that trucks older than 2010 model year will not be permitted to obtain a Day Pass. If you have applied for a Day Pass before and want to change the date of the Day Pass or need to reprint it please return to this site, select the button titled "Reprint day pass" and follow the instructions. To ensure proper results please use an up-to-date browser when using this application. If you are having problems with this site please call 866-721-5686.

Terminal Access Center
1265 Harbor Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813